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How to append the same input fields After the first one

Same thing we need the user to input their info more than once. we should give the user a button to allow them to add one more input field. and also the user has the control to delete it if need. How to append the same input fields After the first one

Euler solutions

Euler project solutions in c++, c#, python, java, php, ruby,etc

Google Places Locator

A locator using google places api and backbone js, featuring autocomplete and pagination.

Fullcalendar Reservation

Easy online revervation/booking using fullcalendar, bootstrap.


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I am interested in creative and meaningful work with the newest technologies in the IT industry. I am familiar with various programming languages and frameworks, esp. in desktop and Web programming. You can learn more about my professional abilities at github.

I speak English, French, and Mandarin.

In my free time, I love reading and traveling around. I play Pingpong and Badminton. Currently, I live in Montreal, QC.

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